What does a +200 money line mean?

In this example, the Toronto Raptors have a slightly higher chance of winning the game against the Golden State Warriors. The odds makers have set the Raptors as -125 money line favorites against the Warriors, which are set as +105 least money line favorites. Money lines are the most popular way to bet on MLB odds because 28 percent of all baseball games are decided by a single run. The money line odds indicated at +200 mean that a team is a clear loser on the bet.

The favorite will usually appear at -110 or lower, and the least favorite will have a (+) ahead of their odds. Just convert the money line into the implied probability and use your judgment on how that number relates to your own estimate. Parlays are becoming an increasingly popular form of betting among the betting public, and money line parlays are a great way to improve the odds of betting within them. The odds can change at any time, and a team that is at +200 one day could easily appear at +160 the next.

An example would be a money line bet on the Arizona Cardinals to win a regular season match over the Seattle Seahawks, only to keep the two teams tied after the end of the first overtime. The simplest example would be to put into play the money line of a favorite and high-scoring team with the over in the game total. A par or pick 'em game will usually have the word “even” (EV) or “pick em” (PK) on the money line. In a college football game where top-ranked Alabama plays against an FCS opponent and is expected to win easily, it would not be a surprise to see Crimson Tide as one of the 10,000 favorites in the money line.

As the point spread increases, selecting the favorite on a money line bet requires wagering more money to achieve the same return. This data may not be the deciding factor when placing your money line bet, but it certainly needs to be taken into account. When considering whether to bet a money line, one must find out the implied probability of the market and determine what the bettor's estimated probability is relative to that number. The point spread and the game total do not come into play with a money line bet, as the favorite or least favorite wins the game.

The only difference is that most margin odds are between -105 and -115 because the odds makers have effectively matched the playing field to the spread, while money line bets can have significant odds one way or another because the bet only refers to the outright winner. The Odds Shark Moneyline Betting Guide will explain the wide variety of money line bets that can be placed, why and how bookmakers display odds and how the money line differs from other betting options, such as point spreads or totals. Bettors will want to check who is on the network for both teams, as that can significantly change the money line odds one way or another when betting on the NHL.

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